A coalition of law enforcement professionals from Texas’ border region announced today (Thursday, Oct. 2) their support of Democratic Congressman Pete P. Gallego’s re-election bid in District 23, a district that shares nearly 800 miles of border with Mexico. 

Though challenger Will Hurd and the out-of-state Super PACs supporting the Republican have tried repeatedly to use border issues as fodder for political attacks, the sheriffs and law enforcement professionals working in the border region are standing with Alpine native Gallego, said Anthony Gutierrez, who is heading Gallego’s campaign. 

Among them is Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson who said, “I’ve known Pete Gallego since he was a baby and I’ve always supported Pete. He has a lot of conservative views that I agree with and I will support him.”

Eusevio Salinas, the Zavala County sheriff, added, “The reason I am supporting Congressman Gallego is because he has been a supporter of our area as well as of our needs. He’s always been a good supporter of the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition. He makes time to stop by our small communities to listen to us, and that’s very important to me.”

“I consider Congressman Pete Gallego a friend of law enforcement, and we are appreciative of his continued support in helping our communities be safe,” added Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd.

In addition to garnering the support of several border sheriffs, Gallego — who is a former prosecutor — is supported by several current prosecutors in the border region including Reeves County Attorney Alva Alvarez, who said, “I am supporting Congressman Pete Gallego because I think that he is a practical man with core values. He actually wants to get something done. He’s not up there in D.C. to choose one side or another, he’s there for real practical solutions for all Americans. I hope he wins.” 

And Rod Ponton, District Attorney for the 83rd District of Texas, added, “Before Pete ran for the Texas House of Representatives, he was an assistant district attorney for the 83rd District. He has always been a strong supporter of law enforcement and of protecting our border.”

Other current and former border law enforcement professionals supporting Gallego are Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez, Terrell County Sheriff Clint McDonald, retired Border Patrol Agent Wayne Wiemers and Eloy Padilla, former assistant city attorney of Del Rio.


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