Source: Burnt Orange Report

By: Joseph Vogas/ Burnt Orange Report

Posted: 7/7/2014

 Concerned Veterans for America, a front group funded by the New York City conservative billionaire Koch brothers, took to the television sets of southwest Texas and San Antonio in an attempt to purposefully mislead on incumbent Democratic Congressman Pete Gallego's record on veterans issues. In the television ad, Concerned Veterans for America stated that Rep. Gallego "did nothing to fix" the problems in the Office of Veterans Affairs; a claim that is easily proven false. 

Now, after receiving a formal complaint from the Gallego campaign, WOAI, the San Antonio NBC affiliate has agreed to take the ad off the air. 

Rep. Gallego celebrated the decision by saying: "False ads like this are why people hate politics. The discussion of how to fix our broken VA system is a serious one and veterans are too important to be used as pawns in someone's political game. It is unfortunate that Will Hurd lacked the courage to stand up to his friends and denounce an ad designed to mislead our veterans. Thankfully, these TV stations are doing the right thing and taking this deceptive ad off the air."

But the Koch brothers are not done and are continuing to try and mislead Texans on Rep. Gallego's record. Find out how they are responding after being called out for their false, misleading ad, after the jump.

In less than a week after the original ad was pulled, the Koch brothers decided to revisit their nonlinear editor, and after a few minutes their misleading attack ad could be back on the air. A new version of the ad now appears but with a few words changed around.

The original was pulled for stating Rep. Gallegeo "did nothing to fix [the Office of Veterans Affairs];" this new version changed the wording in the voiceover to say "[Rep. Gallego] let our veterans wait," as though Rep. Gallego was running the entry counter in south Texas' VA clinics himself. While veterans do wait for their care, Rep. Gallego has fought for them, working to reduce their wait times again, and again, and again.

In an email, the Gallego campaign said the following regarding the dishonest attack against their candidate: 

Today, the Koch brothers acknowledged that the original ad was fundamentally dishonest and replaced it with an edited version.

Unfortunately, the minor edit does not make the ad any less dishonest and is still a cynical attempt to mislead Texas veterans. The Gallego campaign shall again push to have this spot taken off the air.   

The following is a statement from Gallego for Congress spokesman Anthony Gutierrez:

"We appreciate this Koch Brothers front group admitting that their first ad was a lie and taking it down but this new ad is actually even more dishonest. Texas veterans deserve much better than to be the target of this misinformation campaign from our opponent's extremist friends."