Donald Trump just arrived in Texas for a tour of the U.S./Mexico border. 

It's been more than a month since Trump sparked a fierce national debate when he broadly referred to Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists. 

A massive list of corporations, business leaders, entertainers and political leaders spoke out against Trump and cited how offensive his remarks were towards the Latino community. 

Notably absent from that group has been Republican Congressman Will Hurd - who represents a 70% Latino district that includes over 800 miles of U.S. / Mexico border. 

Given over a month to speak up on behalf of his constituents, Rep. Hurd has completely refused to do so. He did however appear on State of the Union over the weekend to take issue with Trump's attack on John McCain's service.

Following is a statement from Gallego for Congress spokesman Anthony Gutierrez: 

"Credit to Congressman Hurd for calling out The Donald on his comments on John McCain. However, real leaders don't speak up only when it's politically convenient. 

Congressman Hurd has thus far refused to stand up for the Latino citizens he's supposed to be representing. 

With Mr. Trump here on the border today, Congressman Hurd has yet another opportunity to finally step up and do the right thing. It's way past time that Latinos heard something from Congressman Hurd."