A few years ago, after losing a tough battle against an anti-immigrant bill in the Texas House, I stood before the Texas House of Representatives and told my story of going from undocumented immigrant to State Representative.

It's a deeply personal story.  Delivering that speech was among the hardest things I've ever done. Keeping my composure was a bit of a struggle.

I will never forget that as I tearfully neared the end - my friend Pete Gallego came over to the podium to stand with me. When I finished, he was there with an embrace and words of support.

Pete was there for me that day when I needed him.

And, more importantly - Pete has always been there for people like me who want nothing more than to earn the American Dream - but who have had to contend with a broken immigration system just to get our shot.

In the Legislature, in Congress and out, Pete has been there when we needed him. Now, he needs us.

Getting our friend Pete elected to Congress won't be easy - but we can do it if we all work hard and work together.

Unfortunately, there is as much or more hateful and angry rhetoric about immigrants these days. That's why it's more important than ever to elect leaders we can trust to fight for the common sense and compassionate changes we need.  

Young people need a steady hand and a solid friend in Congress. 

I'm all in with Pete. I want you to be all in, too.

Sign up to show your support today.

Thank you,

State Representative Ana Hernandez