FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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Will Hurd: No Real Effort to Combat Zika Emergency

Texas’ 23rd district is one of many regions to face brunt of health hazard

Congressman Will Hurd followed his fellow Republicans out of Washington last Thursday without acting on a request to fully fund an effective response to the Zika virus.

Previously, Congressman Hurd had followed other House Republicans in trying to cut efforts to combat the Ebola virus by using Ebola funds to fight the Zika virus. In addition, Congressman Hurd also followed along as the GOP leadership labeled as a response to the Zika virus a bill that adds legal exemptions to pesticides that have nothing to do with mosquito control. 

After following the congressional herd out of Washington, Congressman Hurd brazenly told Fox News San Antonio, “Congress has already acted” to address the threat of the virus. 

Zika is making its presence known in Texas. According to a May 27 report by the San Antonio Express-News, seven people have been diagnosed with Zika virus in Bexar County since February 1 of this year, and the total number of cases in Texas has risen to 40. Zika has also been found in TX-23.

Many parts of Central and South Texas continue to see record rains. Stagnant pools of water left behind by this rainfall create perfect conditions for mosquito breeding and for the spread of the Zika virus. According to a new analysis by the Center for American Progress, experts estimate that more than 491,000 pregnant women in Texas are at risk of Zika virus infection this summer and fall – making Texas the most at-risk state in the nation. 

Following is a statement by Pete Gallego, former Congressman and current candidate for TX-23: “Pregnancy is a wonderful but stressful time. For my wife and me, it culminated in the most special day of our lives. But it is indefensible that Congress would add to the natural stress of expectant parents by failing to address the danger of Zika in our region or anywhere in the country.”

Following is a statement by Lyndsey Rodriguez, spokesperson for the Gallego for Congress campaign: 
"The Washington Post's headline says it all: "Congress leaves town with no Zika resolution." Recycled talking points from Paul Ryan may work inside the beltway, but families affected by Zika in Hurd's own district deserve better. Responsible parents know that the health and safety of Texas children trumps Republican marching orders. Will Hurd should be ashamed.”