Honoring our Veterans


Today, on Veterans Day, we officially pay tribute to the men and women who have bravely served and sacrificed for our country. Their service has made it possible for us to enjoy the many freedoms - small and large - which we far too often take for granted.

I hope you took a moment today not only to remember those sacrifices, but also to thank the men and women who served and to thank their families as well.  As the son of a serviceman, I know full well that the families of our men and women in uniform also make tremendous sacrifices and endure hardships so that we can enjoy our rights and freedoms.

Each of us knows at least one veteran. I encourage you to pick up the phone and call a veteran that you know to say a simple "thanks."  I did that today as well.

I also want to thank a special group of veterans: those who served as POW`s.  Their strength serves as an example to many others.  And, I ask your prayers for the families of our MIA`s. I cannot imagine the constant pain of not knowing.

Let today serve as a reminder going forward that we should never forget in our daily lives to pay tribute to these men and women.

We can and should honor our veterans each and every day. Let’s honor them by making sure no veteran is left behind when they come home; by ensuring that wounded vets have all the support they need. Let’s honor them by making sure that our service members can find jobs when they come home; by increasing access to education for veterans and their spouses. Let’s honor them by making sure their children have access to a quality education.  That`s how we can honor them each and every day.

On this day, I’m reminded of the service of my father. My father’s service to this country made it possible for him to go to college, run a small business, and propel our family to the middle class.

To our veterans and to their families - today we say thank you.  We will fight for you each day.  Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.


Pete Gallego

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