There’s a clear connection between education and a better future. Education gave me opportunity, which is why all Texans should have a shot at a world-class education. Our kids deserve improved schools, reduced class sizes, fewer standardized tests and the best trained, best paid, most qualified teachers in the world. They also deserve a shot at the college of their choice. The more education our kids have, the better the job they can get. An investment in education is really an investment in jobs and a strong economy.

My Record in the Texas House:
  • Opposed efforts to cut $5.4 billion from public education
  • Championed the needs of teachers
  • Fought the deregulation of tuition which has led to sky-high tuition rates
As your Texas State Senator, I’ll
fight for:
  • Fully-funded, quality pre-K for all Texas families
  • Less standardized testing and more quality education
  • Increased access to colleges and universities through grants, scholarships and very low-interest loans

Economic Development

There are some parts of this district that, even today, do not have access to running water or proper sewage services. I will continue to help people, regardless of where they live and ensure they have access to basic services that most of us take for granted. I also believe that building better infrastructure is good for our long-term economic health. I will continue to be a strong proponent for small businesses- the engines of economic growth in our communities. I will fight to keep existing jobs and attract new ones to Texas.

My Record in the Texas House:
  • Passed legislation supporting building hospitals and roadways in multiple counties
  • Redirected Texas Enterprise Fund dollars to small business grants
As your Texas State Senator, I’ll
fight for:
  • Fixing and maintaining our older roadways that have fallen into disrepair
  • Working with local government on strategic planning for economic growth
  • Promoting job skills training and Research and Development at state universities


We owe a great debt to the men and women who defend and have defended our country. We must make sure that we are supporting local military families and veterans, and we need to guarantee that they will receive quick and high-quality care at VA clinics. We also need to increase funding for programs that provide aid for wounded veterans, and support programs that help these men and women find jobs once they get home. As the son of a World War II veteran, I take these issues very personally, and as a former member of the House Armed Services committee, I am proud of my record as a champion for the military.

My Record in the Texas House:
  • Fought to strengthen the missions of our military bases
  • Passed legislation to help returning veterans find better job opportunities
As your Texas State Senator, I’ll
fight for:
  • Keeping our military bases open
  • Helping veterans in rural areas have better access to health care
  • More support and funding for veterans’ health care services, especially services targeting PTSD and suicide prevention


I believe accessible, affordable, high quality health care is right-not a privilege. Texans should have the security that comes with good health care, and that no one should go broke because they get sick or have to choose between taking their child to a doctor and paying rent. Our State is at a turning point when it comes to health care. The decisions we make today will impact future generations to come.

My record in the Texas House:
  • Supported Medicaid expansion and measures to lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Worked to expand access to mental health care services
As your Texas State Senator, I’ll fight for:
  • Making healthcare affordable and available to every Texan, without discriminating against those with preexisting conditions
  • Keeping premiums low for small businesses so that they can continue to grow


Working together, we will make Texas a safer, cleaner, more energy efficient state. I look forward to continuing our work to make our water and air cleaner, our parks more accessible, all while responsibly utilizing our God-given natural resources.

My record in the Texas House:
  • Authored, supported and voted for legislation to increase renewable and alternative energy by increasing the state’s renewable portfolio standard
  • Have been a leading proponent of and champion for West Texas wind farms, creating both clean energy and green collar jobs for West Texas
  • Earned an A+ grade on the Texas League of Conservation Voters scorecard
As your Texas State Senator, I'll fight for:
  • Sustaining the right mix of energy resources to grow our economy

  • Renewable and cleaner energy (like solar and wind farms which now provide $40 million in payments to rural farmers and ranchers annually) in places where it makes sense to build

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